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Shining a light on women and addiction

We lost 484 women to overdose deaths in BC alone last year. 2021 was our deadliest year on record for women living with addiction and that trend has followed us into 2022. 

Women struggle with unique challenges that complicate their access to recovery support. Childcare needs, complex family histories, abuse, trauma, exploitation, survival sex work, and overall threats to safety are just a few factors that create higher barriers for women.

These factors often intersect in complicated ways especially for women in marginalized and vulnerable groups, including Indigenous women who are vastly over-represented in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

We are here to shine a light on women and addiction, to see and listen to HERstories and to build a movement of hope for HER future. It’s time to share and listen to HERstories without judgement, discrimination, retribution or shame. 

Let’s create the change women need, now.

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One simple act with endless positive impact

Leave your words of hope to women living with addiction. Your words will be transformed by a local artist into a stunning art piece that will live on forever in The DIANE HARWOOD Centre for Women in the new Harbour Light Centre.

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