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The DIANE HARWOOD Centre for Women at Vancouver Harbour Light

The DIANE HARWOOD Centre for Women is a transformative space that addresses the unique challenges and barriers that women with addiction face. The physical and emotional trauma and stigma facing women with addiction are complex and differ from men.

We are building a dedicated space for women where they can feel safe and secure—not just physically, but emotionally. Build connections and interact with other women; support each other as they navigate towards sustainable, long-term recovery.

The 16,588 square feet purpose-built space will offer women the proper time they need to heal. With program options from 90 days to one-year, dedicated counsellors, and 24 onsite staffing supports, women will have the opportunity to invest the time they need in their individual recovery. Wrap-around services will include group and individual counselling, arts, recreational activities, educational and vocational training.

Our space offers 2,647 square feet of outdoor areas, including a private serenity garden for the women to enjoy the outdoors in safe and secure surroundings. Spaces for quiet contemplation and reflection; group work and individual counselling sessions.

Over time the women will feel like they are part of a community—a family, a place where they belong—and have a connection that is vital to their recovery. There will be dedicated spaces for the women to reconnect with family members and visit with their children.

The DIANE HARWOOD Centre for Women is dedicated to exclusively meeting women’s distinct needs while also offering access to all services and resources at Vancouver Harbour Light.

One simple act with endless positive impact

Leave your words of hope to women living with addiction. Your words will be transformed by a local artist into a stunning art piece that will live on forever in The DIANE HARWOOD Centre for Women in the new Harbour Light Centre.

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